Gruesome Playground Injuries:

It’s not your typical love story: Doug and Kayleen meet at the nurse’s office in their elementary school; she’s got a painful stomach ache, and he’s all banged up from a running dive off the roof of the school. Over the next thirty years, these scar-crossed lovers meet again and again, brought together by injury, heartbreak, and their own self-destructive tendencies. With great compassion and humor, playwright Rajiv Joseph (Broadway’s Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) crafts a compelling and unconventional love story about the intimacy between two people when they allow their defenses to drop and their wounds to show.


This show contains some offensive, hateful language and depicts self-injurious behavior. We know that these themes can be upsetting to audience members — please reach out for more information:

Nights: Feb. 24th, 25th, and 26th at 7pm
$16 per ticket

The Three Leaches cares deeply about their staff and audiences safety. In order to keep everyone safe, we are requiring proof of vaccination at the door as well as masks. Thank you for your understanding.

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