Ludlow Fair and Home Free! by Lanford Wilson:

(These two very different one-acts will be done together in one evening).

Ludlow Fair is a story about two girl roommates. Rachael is glamorous, fast-living, sometimes lost in her own self-dramatizations; Agnes is plain, matter-of-fact, her shyness masked by a kooky personality. The play is ostensibly about Rachael: She turned her latest boyfriend in to the police when he stole from her, and now she is remorseful—now she decides she is in love with him. Agnes tries to cheer her up with wisecracks, then tries to rekindle her self-awareness, and finally Rachael goes to sleep. Agnes is left alone, thinking about her lunch date with the boss’ disappointing son tomorrow. And suddenly it is her play; the realist is the true romantic.

Home Free! is a beautiful drama about a brother and sister who have shut themselves off from the outside world, instead creating a joyful world with two imaginary children within the walls of their apartment. Unfortunately, Joanna’s pregnancy forces them to face the outside world — something Lawrence is not ready to do.

November 7th-9th at 7 pm

The Cube (8371 Northfield Blvd. Denver, CO 80238)

Tickets are $16 ($12 for seniors and students) — cash or card at the door or buy online.

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The Cube

8371 Northfield Blvd.
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